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Let's face it. I love ears.

Welcome to my online portfolio. I encourage you to browse through my graduate projects and resume. Currently, I am seeking a 4 th -year audiology externship to complete my doctorate degree at the University of Colorado. I am enthusiastic to stay challenged and grow as a clinician during my externship placement.

For me, I aspired to work in audiology as I witnessed the isolating consequences of hearing loss my grandfather faced. No longer participating in weekly dinner conversations quickly revealed how important hearing is in connecting to the people around you. Since realizing my goals on a personal and professional level, I have seen first-hand the life changing services audiology can offer.

My most rewarding experience thus far was working at the Denver VA Hospital. I was fully immersed in the everyday bustle of the VA, frequently performing adult diagnostics and hearing aid fittings. My confidence in clinical decision-making grew immensely due to the amount of veterans and audiologists I worked with. I felt positive about the work I was involved in and knew it truly bettered people's quality of life. I was able to learn about many services the VA offers and be involved in courses of progressive tinnitus management and aural rehabilitation. This contributes to my strong desire to work in a clinic that offers a range of services.

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Beyond the clinical world, another instrumental factor in my initial desire for audiology is the power of music and its impact on a community. I was an active percussionist growing up and throughout college. I was involved in many ensembles, including the Drumline. In developing my interests in music, I quickly realized the dangers musician’s face with noise exposure. I would like to improve hearing loss educational awareness programs, focusing on the musical community but with a goal to expand to the general population. This is the topic for my Capstone Research project that I will have completed by February 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to discussing my career goals with you!

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"Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people."
- Helen Keller


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Audiology Advocacy
CI Music Poster
Perceptual Learning

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